Panoramic photography is the a set of black and white as well as in color sets by Andrew Prokos. He is award-winning sceneries are available as a fine art prints in various of styles and resolutions. Andrew’s large-scale panoramic photographs are renowned for their clarity and detail, and have been exhibited in galleries and art collections internationally.



Fine art architectural photography in color and black and white by photographer Andrew Prokos.  It includes shoots from the modern and contemporary architecture, interior, and buildings designed by some of the world’s great architects, available for printing as high-resolution licensed images.


Cityscape photography in black and white and color by photographer Andrew Prokos. Cityscape photos of New York, Washington DC, Seattle, Denver, Toronto, and Rio de Janeiro. Andrew’s cityscape photography is available as large format fine art prints framed in various styles.


Fine art landscape photography by photographer Andrew Prokos, including panoramic landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and gardens, and available in limited edition prints in various styles, renowned for the steel sharpness of the moment captured, as well as definition and can be observed in galleries and art collections internationally.


Night photography of cities and architecture in black and white and color by fine art photographer Andrew Prokos. Captured in, with long exposures, creating a gallery quality format prints, still being fantastic when it comes to a detalies and clarity. Andrew’s night photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the USA and Europe, and is found in numerous important art collections.


Panoramic photography in color and black and white by photographer Andrew Prokos. Andrew’s award-winning panoramic photos are available as limited edition fine art prints framed in various styles or as high-resolution licensed images. Andrew’s large-scale panoramic photographs are renowned for their clarity and detail, and have been exhibited in galleries and art collections internationally.



New York City fine art photography by award-winning photographer Andrew Prokos. High quality photo sets of the New York city include panoramic cityscapes, skylines, landscapes, architectural and black and white photos. You can get it in a form of a large scale fine print, or with acrylic float-framing. Andrew’s photos of New York City have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and art collections across the USA and internationally.     


Washington DC fine art photography by photographer Andrew Prokos. Andrew’s award-winning color and black and white photos of Washington DC include the city’s most famous monuments and landmarks, architecture, skylines, and neighborhoods. They are available as framed fine art prints and licensed high-resolution images.


Photography of the American West in color and black and white by photographer Andrew Prokos, including landscapes of the American West, cityscapes, and famous architectural landmarks found in the Western USA. Andrew’s award-winning photos of the American West are available as gallery-quality fine art prints framed in various styles.


Fine art photography of Brazil by photographer Andrew Prokos. Andrew’s award-winning photography of Brazil includes cityscapes, landscapes, architecture, landmarks, and street scenes. Andrew’s photos of Brazil are available as limited edition fine art prints framed in various styles or ultra high-resolution licensed images.


Fine art photography of Europe by photographer Andrew Prokos. Includes European landscapes, cities, architecture and street scenes. Andrew’s fine art photos of Europe are available as gallery-quality prints framed in various styles.



Presented as a complete portfolios with the notes of the creator, these limited edition prints, are offered in various sizes and shapes.

Night and Day

The main idea of the Series “Night and Day”, in rooted to a numerous panoramic explotures Andrew made in mid-2000s. It’s all about changing while shooting during the day and stay through sunset, dusk, and night in each location, layering the exposures to form a seamless transition between the images.  

And the most wonderful part over here is a choice where the transition should begin and end, and in which direction time should flow, using visual instinct and what looks most natural to me and I often introduce an element of randomness into the scene by allowing one time to bleed into another. At times the borders between day and night collide head on, and other times they tiptoe into one another.

Gehry’s Children

This is the series completely different, and all about the Seattle, more to the point Frank Gehry’s building architecture. THe forms are flowing from on to another, incorporates materiality into his buildings, something which he pioneered as an architect, following the master’s hand with which he gives us manifold textures and colors…from titanium, polished steel, iridescent glass and molded plastic.

Geometry and texture – bringing the viewer as close to the building as he can possible be to give them access to another way of seeing it. The viewer may or may not ever see this building in person, so it is photos that will form their perception of it.

Niemeyer’s Brasilia

This series were produced, during Andrew’s visiting Brasilia in 2012. He was totally amused by the views he saw, this world frozen in time, and futuristic in the same time. And mostly with the works of the Oscar Niemeyer, which can be found all over the capical, moreover the presence of the great architecturer, can be feeled on the most every corner of the city, and of course the Cathedral of Brasilia to the more intimate chapels and monuments. The hand of the Niemeyer, mostly produced the modern shape of the city, up to his death in 2012. There is no other place in the world where one architect had so much influence, which explains my fascination with his buildings.

Niemeyer’s Brasilia has won numerous awards, including 1st Place / People’s Choice at the Prix de la Photographie, a Silver Medal in Night Photography at the International Photography Awards, and was selected by an international jury for Latin American Fotografia 3.


This is a good example of using  presents commonplace settings in an atypical way through the use of negative imagery. Andrew first experiments in negative filming started more then twenty years ago, even before digital methods of reproduction existed. This series a product of those experiments and for them he decided to focus on stark monochrome inversions.  The series re-introduces us to well known places such as the Statue of Liberty, which when stripped of their color and inverted become alien territory. The photos in this series are available as limited-edition large-format prints, please inquire for more info.

Forum Romanium

A photoshoot made as a reinterpretation of a well known series made in Italy back in 2004. Originally those was a kinnda of presentation  of the Roman Forum and Palatine and Capitoline Hills. As for the current state of the imaginary – result of experimenting with ideas on how to present the images in a more compelling way.

Andrew started from the toning colors in a low contrast platinum tint. These days the toning is all done digitally, and the environmental and health risks associated with handling chemicals can thankfully be avoided.

After that the easy part come out – ilt-shift effects to add a sense of depth and focus. As the shoots were captured without large format camera, however technology now offers us the ability to mimic this look dating back to the early stages of photography.

Architecture of Amusement

This ongoing project, is all about capturing outstanding elements in architecture, in all kinds of the amusement parks Andrew cross through. Highly abstracted shapes and garish colors present in the amusement park environment, including rollercoaster tracks, rides, concession stands, and the simulacrum architecture used to create the atmosphere of fun.

Photographer’s Bio: Andrew Prokos

Andrew Prokos is a well known architecture, advertising, and fine art photographer living in New York. In his works he combine  incorporate architectural elements and sweeping natural and urban views. He start his works from the large-scale cityscapes of New York, as well as some of the other biggest cities over the world. As a usual he uses long exposure times to “collect” light, to underline the movement of the moment and suffuses his scenes with a subtle, emanating light. As the result the highly detailed and totally lyrical shooting comes on stage.  

Andrew’s works can be seen in a number of most popular exhibitions and show outs all over the world like Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3), the International Photography Awards (Lucies), American Photography 31, Latin American Fotografia, Neutral Density Awards, the Epson International Pano Awards and others. On the top of that his works were exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York, 21_21 Design Sight museum in Tokyo, Banco do Brasil, and in galleries and corporate fine art collections in the USA and Europe.

Andrew regularly shoots for clients in advertising, property development, design and industry. Prior commissions include photography for Cisco Systems, Evraz, HBO, and the New York City Economic Development Corp. Andrew is a member of the New York chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). He welcomes inquiries regarding photo shoots, fine art print sales, exhibitions, and image licensing requests.