Selling real estate – how to interest the buyer

In order to quickly sell an apartment, it is not at all necessary to reduce the price. It is enough to distinguish the object from the competition, correctly emphasizing its advantages with the help of a number of simple techniques. The first impression cannot be made twice. This wisdom thought is relevant not only when dating, but also when selling an apartment. The owner has only one chance to interest the buyer: if the apartment is not immediately impressed, then most likely the buyer will not return – there are too many choices today.

One of the ways to “hook” a client is a competent presale preparation – measures aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the object. According to statistics, only half of sellers approach this issue with full responsibility. As a result, due to the negligence of owners, even completely liquid lots can not be sold for years. At the same time, by preparing housing for sale, you can reduce the exposure time by 20-30%. You can find some good examples here

Make a competent announcement

The first and, perhaps, the most crucial stage of pre-sale preparation is the creation of an ad. The main task at this stage is to emphasize the merits and keep silent about the shortcomings of the object. Despite the first glance, the simplicity of the problem, many realtors for many years “break the spear” in search of the perfect formula selling text. There are a number of immutable rules that will help to interest a potential buyer.

First, all the attention to detail. In addition to the technical characteristics and the address of the apartment itself, it is important to indicate the location with reference to the bus, as well as to describe in detail the condition of the apartment – repair, the availability of furniture and equipment, cable TV, and the Internet. At the same time, no matter how rich the history of the area or street is, for the client it is useless and even annoying information. Do not waste time on a detailed historical report on the location. If the client considers the apartment, then most likely he has already made inquiries.

Secondly, a single design style. You should not use caps lock – it is considered bad form in the network. For the same reason, you do not need to highlight text in bright colors. For example, red is subconsciously perceived as a color of danger – a potential buyer can simply scroll through the ad.

Third, high literacy. Ads with errors discourages communication. When writing a text, you should avoid words with a negative hue, but epithets that create a mood, for example, “bright”, “cozy”, “spacious”, etc., are welcomed.

Fourth, high-quality photos. As practice shows, often ads with no photos are not even considered by clients. There are some simple rules for snapshot. For example, the view from the window should be done in sunny weather. Rooms, on the contrary, should be rented with artificial light with curtains closed. The mistake of many photographers is that they pay undue attention to detail. Buyers just need a review photo of the rooms. Show the apartment in the photo at a favorable angle. Clean up clutter and clutter of furniture. The apartment sells faster and at a higher price when the interior looks beautiful. Your photos will look much better and show most of the apartment (house) if the clutter is reduced and the furniture is exposed by a professional stylist.

Consider the composition of the picture

If you not sure how to do it, check this website to find good example Always remember that the main purpose of promotional photos of real estate is the sale of property. Eliminate any visual disturbances that distract the viewer’s attention from this goal. Photos are a portrait of your apartment, and they should show it only in a favorable light. Even if your apartment is not in the best condition, you still need photos! Find a few angles that most attractively “characterize” the property sold. Perhaps this is a nice view from the windows of your apartment, or a good layout (you just need to draw it beautifully, clearly and neatly).